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Most people consider the MLB to be an incredibly male-centric sports league. Many other major sports leagues have started to hire women in prominent positions but the MLB hasn’t really followed suit. Even so, there is one woman who works for the Boston Red Sox front office who is attempting to make some important changes. Racquel Ferreira is impacting the MLB in a major way.

Climbing the Ladder

Raquel Ferreira has been working for the Boston Red Sox organization for more than two decades at this point. She has been working her way up the ladder in this organization for much longer than most women have been involved with traditional male-centric sports leagues. She has worked her way up to become an Executive Vice President with the team. She holds the highest position of any woman in the sport of professional baseball.

People assume that there is a glass ceiling that keeps women from being able to rise too far in the MLB. If this is the case, then Raquel Ferreira has managed to smash right through it. She has used her work ethic to prove how useful she can be to the Red Sox organization. Ferreira adeptly handles minor and major league operations and is considered a shining example of what an employee can be.

Changing Things One Step at a Time

Changing things in the league one step at a time is what Ferreira seems to be doing. Her successes are going to make it easier for other skilled women to take on positions in other baseball organizations. If young women feel as if they don’t have a place in the world of professional baseball, then they can look to the success of Ferreira. She proves that women can succeed and thrive in that environment when given the opportunity to do so.

At the moment, the MLB does employ many women. The problem is that most of these women occupy the lowest positions within their teams. The MLB does not have a good diversity ranking but that can improve if more women such as Ferreira are given opportunities. There are many things that need to be changed in the MLB but women such as Raquel Ferreira are blazing a new path that others can and should follow.