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Allison Creekmore Student Athletes

Being a student-athlete isn’t always easy, and you need to do your best to succeed in multiple areas. If you’re just starting down the student-athlete path, then you might be worried about how you should tackle things. Take a look at the following success tips for student-athletes. They should help you to navigate your time as a student while also facilitating athletic success.

Manage Your Time Properly

Managing your time is crucial when you’re trying to succeed as a student-athlete. You have to work out, practice, study for exams, and ensure that you’re eating right. It can be tough to have to juggle so many responsibilities at once. Make things easier on yourself by creating a schedule and sticking to it.

Communicate with Professors

Communicating with professors is essential when you want to keep your grades up. You’re going to have to miss classes to participate in athletics sometimes. Letting your professors know ahead of time will allow you to stay caught up, and your professors can keep you in the loop on what needs to be done for the class. If you avoid talking to the professors, then they will be less likely to work with you, and your grades could suffer.

Be on Time

Do your best to always be on time so that you can avoid any issues. This means that you should arrive on time to practice and you should be at your classes before they begin. It won’t always be easy if you have to trek across the campus to get where you need to be, but it’s important to be punctual. Showing up late interrupts the education of other students, and it prevents practices from going down as they should.

Make Friends

Make friends with people in your classes and try not to only associate with other people who do athletics. Avoid acting as if you’re different from the other students. Just try to fit in and take the classes seriously. It’ll be beneficial to have a few friends in the course so that you can exchange notes and study together for big exams.

Don’t Let Failure Discourage You

There is a high chance that you will encounter some type of failure during your time in college. This could mean dealing with low grades in a class, or it could mean struggling with your athletics. Everyone hits a wall sometimes, and it’s important not to give up when you encounter difficulties. Learn from your failures, and try your best to improve continually so that you can feel proud of yourself.